How a Mobile App Integration to EPOS made the difference

Learn about how LoyLap helped enhance Florence Coffee Co's customer centric focus to Business by building an all in one custom branded app that syncs directly with their Clover point of sale.

The Challenge

To seamlessly integrate all 17 of Florence Coffee Co’s branches under one easy to manage mobile app ecosystem. 

Before LoyLap, Florence Coffee Co used simple paper stamp cards to provide their loyalty rewards program. As the business grew, the positive simplicity of paper stamp cards was overtaken by the severe limitations of what could be offered.

The Plan

Florence Coffee Co wanted a loyalty system that could offer more for their business and customers, whilst simultaneously transitioning the business to adopt a data driven approach to their marketing and strategy.

Florence Coffee Co were looking for an all-in-one solution from a single provider that could cater to their customers both tech savvy and not so much. 

Our Solution

The app fetched and synced data directly from the Clover POS inventory. This app instantly became a digital wallet for Florence Coffee Co’s customers, which integrated their whole ecosystem of gift cards, stamp-based loyalty rewards, online payments and mobile ordering.

Key Functionalities:

  • Make online or mobile purchases
  • Top up their accounts in advance and receive a 13% bonus for doing so
  • Purchase items in store or pre-order ahead of time
  • Receive loyalty rewards for every transaction
  • All synced directly to the Clover POS
  • Free Coffee on a customer birthday

Benefits of a Custom App from LoyLap

Enhanced Payments

Customers got more out of every transaction. Offers such as 13% credit on top ups greater than $50, incentivised their customers to switch over.

Centralized Management

Every customer transaction and interaction was now managed using a centralized LoyLap dashboard.

POS Integration

Our integration with your POS means all data is integrated into one system to make it easier for your team to manage.

Easy Reconciliation

Florence Coffee Co saved considerable man hours on end of day reconciliation as the system would automatically send reports.

Industry leading and effective results

At LoyLap we don’t just provide the technology, we make sure the technology is the right match for your business and its customers. Florence Coffee Co now has over 15k app downloads and over 700 five star reviews; it is clear that the impact has been overwhelmingly positive for both Florence Coffee Co and its customers.

Download the Florence Coffee Co app and see for yourself.

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