Order & Pay

Seamless technology for receiving orders directly integrated with your EPOS

Prepare for peak Business hours by letting your customers order ahead of time.

Pre Order
Your customers can now order ahead of time, thus giving you more time to prepare.
Schedule Pick ups
Let your customers choose the time of pick up.
Digital Wallet
Save your customers payment method to enable quicker future checkouts 
Click and Collect LoyLap
Fully integrated with credit back or stamp rewards
View analytics of your customers spending patterns and gain insights.
Detailed Reports
Get detailed and customized reports delivered to your inbox.

How does it work?

Place Order

Your customer places an order through the App or Desktop

Makes Payment

Your customer schedules a pickup time and pays for the order.

Order Management

You will receive an alert on your point of sale device with the order details.

Store Pickup

Your customer collects their order on the scheduled collection time.

Order Management Dashboard

With Full integration with your POS, LoyLap links with your inventory and orders, meaning that any online pre order is automatically linked with your end of day reports.

The Order & Pay application is the control centre for your orders, informing staff of what products to prepare and when to prepare them.

Custom Branding Option

Having your own branded ordering app is as simple as adding few lines of code into your website.

Do it yourself or let LoyLap assist you in getting your ordering platform up and running.

Get notified of new orders via your POS or Online

We want to make sure you have no need for unnecessary hardware to inform you of new orders.

With LoyLap all orders are available to view directly from your POS, and online at any time via your Business Portal at loylap.com.

Pre Order

For Businesses of All Sizes

Order & Pay has helped Businesses of all sizes. Currently operational at Bear Market and Central Bank of Ireland, Order & Pay can fit seamlessly into your Business as well and provide you a powerful suite to let your customers order ahead.

Grow Your Business with LoyLap