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Marketing your business and knowing how to use your available budget most effectively can be a minefield. Especially when you are a business owner trying to do it all, it can feel like you are going in circles. You know you need to reach and engage your customers in the right way, but advertising can become expensive and time-consuming quickly. It’s common to be left wondering, was it worth it?

LoyLap Campaigns is a powerful customer marketing engine that allows you to create targeted measurable campaigns that deliver return on investment and drive your business forward.

Acquiring a brand new customer can cost up to five times more than retaining an existing customer. If you increase customer retention by just 5%, you could increase profits by between 25% and 95%! Using LoyLap Campaigns, you can keep your existing customers coming back and spending more, so much so that you don’t have the time to think about trying to attract new customers (in a good way ?).

How It Works

Time is of the essence in any small business, so you can set up LoyLap Campaigns to run automatically according to your criteria.

The ability to target customers based on demographic, behavioural, and transactional criteria makes LoyLap Campaigns one of the most flexible and powerful customer marketing and loyalty automation tools on the market. Simply select your desired budget, time frame & filters and leave the rest to us.

Mobile Push Notifications

Exclusive to custom-branded app merchants

With a LoyLap custom-branded app you can take your Campaigns to the next level with mobile push notifications. 

Convert more sales and boost your bottom line

Make more sales and boost your bottom line by reaching and engaging with your customers with the right message at the right time. Build your campaign using the LoyLap dashboard then schedule a notification to your list.

Whether it’s reconnecting with customers you haven’t seen in a while or rewarding a group of your top spenders, push notifications in LoyLap Campaigns lets you transform your customer relationships into sales through targeted messages that convert.

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Simple = Beautiful 

It’s easy for your team and customers; there is no need to remember complex process or manual processes. LoyLap notifies your team member on the POS when a campaign is available for a customer to redeem once they’ve scanned their app or card. 

Loyalty Management and Marketing Made Easy

With thousands of possible campaign permutations, the possibilities for how LoyLap Campaigns can help you program your customer marketing and loyalty for business success are as broad or as narrow as you need them to be. 

Popular Campaigns Run by LoyLap Merchants

Birthday campaign
Offer your customers something special on or around their birthday

Lapsed customer campaign
Ensure you never lose a great customer

Group campaign
Have a club or group that gets a special with your business? Automate it with LoyLap

Top visitor reward
The most accurate customer of the month counter there is

Spend rewards
Set thresholds and automatically give rewards once they are me

Product level rewards
Reward specific products purchasers with other products they may like. Perfect for cross-selling and upselling.

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