Cashless for Fitness Clubs

A solution to enhance member-experience while increasing ancillary revenue

Cashless Technology for your Fitness Club

Offers the benefits of an advanced cashless solution that can integrate with RFID-enabled equipment

All transactions are secured through AIB merchant services

Case Study

Download our case study to see how LoyLap helped Bannatyne Health Club and Spa, go completely cashless
Complete Solution

Payments, cashless, customer apps, online ordering, classes booking, access and equipment integration.


A differentiated and enhanced customer experience for members

Improved Revenue

The convenience of wristbands guarantees increased revenue-per-customer

Faster Transactions

70% faster transaction speed compared to cash operations.


Powerful insights on customer spending patterns with our analytics suite

Reduced Insurance Costs

Reduce Cash handling ambiguity, along with cash related insurance and operational costs

How does Cashless work?

Existing gym members with LoyLap’s system

Online or through our App, with Auto Top up option

Wrist band, smartphone or membership card to pay for transactions

Real Time Transaction data – on POS, in-app and via browser with our powerful analytics suite

Turnstile Access

Quick and easy contactless gate entry

Cashless Vending

Easy purchase at vending machines without the need of carrying change.

Convenient and secure

Our wristbands can be linked with authorized debit or credit cards to facilitate auto top-up

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