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Money is evolving; a new way to pay

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branded payments

Your brand, your payments

From cryptocurrencies to open banking, the way we accept and transfer money in the future will offer both businesses and consumers the options to transact in the ways it works best for them. With LoyLap Branded Payments, we enable your customers to load balance for your business, meaning you get paid in advance. Branded payments help you reduce costs and increase revenues while remaining a convenient and seamless option for your customers.

Why would customers preload funds for my business?

LoyLap Campaigns enables you to incentivise and reward customers for loading funds to their account. Some popular incentive programs include:

Top-up Bonus
Give customers a percentage extra on top of the amount they wish to load

Upfront Reward
Give customers a specific product as an instant reward for loading balance

Members Discount
Offer an extra percentage off products for your loyal customers that pay in advance.

Ways to pay

Wearable Payments

Connect your digital wallet to a wearable device like a wristband to offer your customers the most convenient payment.

Mobile Payments

A custom branded app for your business allows your customers to keep your brand in their pocket.

Membership Card Payments

Make your membership or access card multipurpose and turn it into a payment method.

Proven to be effective

We’ve analysed millions of transactions across multiple businesses to study how customers spend with preloaded funds versus debit cards and cash.

Our analysis illustrates how consumers who top-up funds spend on average 16% more than their counterparts who pay with card or cash.

proven effective branded payments

Integrated with LoyLap's powerful commerce tools

LoyLap Branded Payments is integrated with the rest of our suite of experience-driven commerce tools. From customer campaigns to online ordering to loyalty management, with the LoyLap platform, you can power sales, increase revenue and grow your business.

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