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Experience-Driven Commerce to Empower Your Business

We’re all about helping you grow your business, and we both know more happy customers are the way to do that! Providing superior customer experiences will drive loyalty and power sales for your cafe or quick-serve restaurant. 

LoyLap’s integrated commerce tools work directly with your point of sale system to bring together online ordering, loyalty, gift cards and more into one powerful package to deliver seamless experiences for your customers both in-store and online. Contactless payments and loyalty redemption protect your customers and your staff in-store. Having your commerce tools like gift cards, loyalty and payment all in one also speeds up transactions and improves efficiency and productivity. 

The Tools To Boost Sales with
Superior Customer Experiences

Online ordering and payments

Reduce congestion and queue times, increase revenue and improve staff productivity with online ordering. Take orders and payment online via mobile app, website and social media, directly integrated with your point of sale for maximum convenience.
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Loyalty management 

Increase order frequency and grow customer lifetime value by delighting your customers with a complete loyalty experience that’s automated and works in-store and online.
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Customer top-up accounts 

Boost your average order value by up to 16% with customer top-up accounts. Account payments are a more rewarding contactless payment option for both you and your customers. Encourage top-ups with rewards and bonuses.

Branded mobile app 

Secure your cafe’s brand in your customers’ minds and pockets with your own custom mobile app for ordering, paying and redeeming loyalty rewards.
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Drive sales with targeted customer campaigns. From birthday surprises to frequent customers bonuses and everything in between, create campaigns your customers will love and keep them coming back for more.
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Gift cards

Expand your revenue opportunity with physical and digital gift cards that can be sold and redeemed, both in-store and online. A customer purchasing with a gift card typically spends more than the value of the card.
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Analytics Dashboard

Dashboard & insights

Make better business decisions with customers, sales and campaign tracking and measurement from your cloud-based dashboard accessible anywhere.
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Blending In-store and Online for the Perfect Customer Experience

Learn how Bear Market Coffee accelerated growth by prioritising customer satisfaction and delivering a complete online and in-store experience using LoyLap from its opening in 2014.

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