Turn random customers into regulars.

The Unified Commerce Platform which simplifies transaction complexity to empower sustainable growth

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Transform your customers' experience with a branded mobile app which combines payments, rewards, ordering online & much more.

Disruptive mobile app technology now
available to businesses of all sizes

Gone are the days when developing an app for your business was solely reserved for retail giants. LoyLap makes it possible for you to create a mobile app using the same technology that the brands you admire use to build customer loyalty and encourage repeat sales.⁣

Works seamlessly with the entire LoyLap Suite of Products

Gift Cards

Attract new customers to your business with physical and digital gift cards, with comprehensive reporting capabilities.


Increase your customers' purchasing frequency with rewards such as Digital Stamps, Credit Back, or Loyalty Discounts.

Digital Payments

Enable your customers to pay through QR codes, wearable payments or by pre-loading money in your App.

Dashboard & Customer Insights

Understand how to drive more revenue for your business with an overview of your sales, customer insights, and marketing campaigns performance.


Run marketing campaigns based on your customer insights such as behaviour, demographics, and purchasing history.

Online Ordering

Take online orders via your mobile app, website or social media profiles with payments sent directly to your POS once they’re confirmed.

Our clients’ success speaks for itself!

Achieve success with a LoyLap App for your business that dramatically improves your customer experience.

Loyalty made digital

Paper card stamps are a thing of the past. Reward your customers digitally to build loyalty, encourage repeat purchases, and foster brand advocacy for your business.

Engage with your customers

Reach customers with push notifications sent directly to their phones, and then captivate them with compelling marketing campaigns that drive new sales. Receive and manage Feedback from your customers directly in your app for their convenience and yours.

Influence customers’ purchasing decisions

LoyLap provides you with engaging tools to encourage customers to keep spending in your business, whether through digital rewards or targeted campaigns. No coding hassles, no complex integrations—just intuitive software designed for busy business owners seeking quick, effective strategies to boost sales.

Improve customer experience with digital payments

Allow your customers to load funds and pay, speeding up queues and digitally tracking transactions for effective marketing. Provide options such as delivery, pick up, and order to table with just a quick click within your mobile app or your business profile within the LoyLap Member App.

Increase cash flow for your business

Allow your customers to pre-load funds for payments, providing the convenience of fast transactions while increasing cash flow for your business.

All this and more, seamlessly integrated with your POS or payments terminal for maximum convenience.

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Extra perks of working with LoyLap

Works on all devices

Whether you’re working with a POS, payment terminal, mobile phone, desktop computer or tablet - our software runs smoothly on most devices

Mobile friendly ordering


Manage your Payments, customer loyalty, customer insights, online ordering and marketing campaigns within one platform. Say goodbye to juggling between different non connected services that just add unnecessary stress to your daily business routine.

Point of Sale Integration

Your transactions will be integrated with your POS for seamless usability and easy reporting. All the data and solutions you need to grow your business in just one place.

Gift Voucher Reporting


Growing your business is all about maintaining your margins. We keep our transaction fees as low as 2% to help your business maintain strong Gross Profit Margins.

Legendary Support

We designed LoyLap with non-tech experts in mind. Other software requires hours of training. Ours is simple, yet effective. And in case you need extra guidance, our team is always ready to lend a hand for all your needs.

Statistically Proven

Across multiple industries, LoyLap customers spend 16% more than the average debit card or cash customers.

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